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Weighing system SOLAS compliant for RICKIE STACKER


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DescriptionSOLAS Weighing System KIT
With SOLAS system, you can install a retrofit kit on any machine, either in production or already operative, in order to weigh every container and print (or send in any other way) the actual weight of the container.
The system does not employ load cells, very expensive and invasive on the machine, but simple pressure sensors to be installed on arm cylinders and sensors for measuring length and inclination of the arm. With the software developed by COBO, it is possible to dynamically achieve the precision required by R51 standards (legal for trade), without increasing the container handling cycles.
To sum up:
- The advanced COBO technology applied to the Tera 7” Touch Screen display makes it easy to use the system.
- Simplicity of installation.
- Certified according to Solas Standard (Directive 2014/32/EU)..

- You lift, it weighs;
- High precision weighing;
- Tare management;
- Container code entry;
- Immediate and intuitive results on screen;

The complete Solas compliant weighing system kit with pressure and planarity compensation consists of:
- Cod. 1078776; Tera 7 touch screen display;
- Cod. 1004471; Pressure transducers;
- Cod. 1078778; Inclinometer;
- Cod. 2132393; Harness;
- Cod. 1078777; ACQ cable reel;
- Cod. 1078775; Midac+ main unit;
- Cod. 1027527; Multilink CAN BUS.
- KIT 2133386 (Cod. 1078775 Midac+ main unit + Cod. 1027527 Multilink CAN BUS + Cod. 2132393 Harness)

- Cod. 1083254; Get your quick printing on paper;
- Pen drive data saving;
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