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Weighing system by TERA 7" LINE HMI with angular sensors and remote assistance


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DescriptionKIT Weighing System for Wheel Loader with Angle Sensors and remote assistance
The TERA 7" LINE HMI weighing system is the result of many years of experience in weighing and management systems for front loaders.
- Has a unique icon based software and 7" color TFT touch display.
- Is essential for quarries and mines without weighing bridges and equally ideal for sites where the weighbridge is a significant distance from the loading area.
- Speeds up the loading operations by achieving the maximum filling capacity of the truck first time, reducing laps to the weighbridge.
- Increases productivity of your machine by performing a (typical) weigh accuracy of +/- 1% when loading loose materials.
- Increases productivity and consequent profit from each job thanks to its revolutionary loading and management technology.
- Has an industry leading self learning calibration function that drastically reduces the system implementation time.
- Stores and manages daily/weekly totals.
- Is capable of tracking different materials on the same truck.
- COBO INTOUCH connection: Remote assistance service thanks to web-server interface which connects COBO devices with a Cloud server. Data are stored in a database and provided to Customers via Internet access.

The color 7" touch display has the important feature to cleary show the key functions of the system. The display has built in adjustable brightness.
Is capable of managing up to:
- 500 clients;
- 500 license plates;
- 500 projects;
- 500 operators;
- 500 materials;
- 500 sources (material original location).

The KIT consists of:
- Cod. 1085691; Color graphic display TERA 7";
- Cod. 1085990; Main unit Midac Plus ;
- Cod. 1085693; Chassis sensor;
- Cod. 1004475; Pressure transducer;
- Cod. 1085694; Boom Sensor;
- System connection cables;

- Cod. 1083254; Roll printer KIT;
- Cod. 1090468; CAN Live KIT;
- Cod. 1090464; Second pressure transducer KIT;
- Cod. 1090465; Boom sensor 3 KIT (specific for exacavator).

Electrical characteristics
Power Supply
9 - 30V
(Operates on vehicle power supply directly)
Mechanical characteristics and ratings
Monitor IP65, Sensori IP67
Operating temperature
-40°C / +70°C (-40°F / +158°F)
Storage temperature
-40°C / +85°C (-40°F / +185°F)
Additional Features
USB Ports
Backup and management of loading and customers data
2 x Video camera input
Components for access platforms telescopic - cranes
Forklift trucks
Earth moving machines
Trucks tractors - trailers
Agricultural vehicles
Mixer wagons
Fire fighting - rescue vehicles
Camper & caravan
Motorcycles - quad components
Electric vehicles - golf cart
Can-bus boat global control system
Ambulances - emergency vehicles
Defense vehicles