Performance, guarantee, speed. The best for your vehicles

Sì Parts S.r.l. offers a rich assortment of components for industrial vehicles: electrical, electronic and mechanical accessories as well as tools and systems for the commercial automotive market. Strengthened by a direct and privileged channel with important international brands, we are able to serve customers all over the world. Whether it is a small quantity of spare parts for commercial vehicles or a large supply of components for industrial vehicles, Sì Parts S.r.l always ensures a first-class quality standard with original products and high value-added services.

Which components for industrial vehicles can you find:

  • ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: lighting, control, alarm…
  • ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS: sensors, control units, software…
  • MECHANICAL COMPONENTS: seats, steering wheels, posts…
  • INSTRUMENTS and SYSTEMS: weighing, acoustics, localization…

Which vehicles can you equip with Sì Parts accessories:

  • Components for access platforms telescopic - cranes
  • TelehandlersS
  • Forklift trucks
  • Earth moving machines
  • Trucks tractors - trailers
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Combines
  • Mixer wagons
  • Fire fighting - rescue vehicles
  • Camper & caravan
  • Motorcycles - quad components
  • Electric vehicles - golf cart
  • Can-bus boat global control system
  • Ambulances - emergency vehicles
  • Defense vehicles